June 17, 2024

Wilbur Featured in Effect Magazine

James UK has been featured in Effect Magazine’s latest article on the top five summer interior design trends for 2024. Highlighting our innovative approach, the article showcases our Wilbur barstools, which were a standout at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. These stools, with their apple green frames and postmodern-inspired upholstery, embody the vibrant and customisable nature of James UK furniture.
“London furniture maker James has a range of barstools called Wilbur. These names perhaps highlight the furniture’s anthropomorphic qualities or are a deliberate echo of the nickname given to Breuer’s classic Model B3 chair – Wassily – after Bauhaus tutor Wassily Kandinsky. At Clerkenwell Design Week this year, James showed a particularly funky iteration of Wilbur with an apple green frame encasing a plumply upholstered seat covered in a fabric with graphic dashes redolent of Italian postmodernism.” – Dominic Lutyens, Effect Magazine
We are honoured to be featured in the article and excited by the overwhelmingly positive response to our Wilbur range. To read the full article and explore the other trends shaping summer 2024, visit Effect Magazine.

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