Inspired by the fluidity of modern living, the Yonder range blends contemporary design with playful functionality.


Wilbur embodies the perfect blend of style and function, offering a flexible design ideal for any setting, from casual and chic to functional.


The Wingback Chair reimagines traditional design with a modern twist, blending formal grace and contemporary lines.

Tri Table

The Tri Table is a beacon of straightforward elegance, combining visual appeal with functional design in commercial and domestic settings.


Drawing from the esteemed Wingback collection, Norton marries style with meticulous detailing, which is unmatched.


The Newington collection beautifully marries the grandeur of traditional design with contemporary comfort.


The Holton range champions traditional Windsor chair-making, revitalising a dwindling UK craft with a contemporary aesthetic celebrating its joinery as art.


Emel redefines comfort with a plush, seamless design that’s as versatile as stylish, perfect for any setting, from formal to casual.


The Durwyn sofa is as comforting as an old friend’s deep and inviting embrace.


The Alwyn collection embodies a spirit of playfulness and grace, featuring soft curves and chic flared arms, all standing on beautifully tapered hardwood legs.